"Take A Chance On Me" Ultimate Writer Website

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Okay, let's say you aren't sure how much or how well your books and short stories are going to sell. How's this for a deal? We'll give you the FULL Ultimate Writer's Website package COMPLETE with an integrated eBook store for just $11.11 per month (paid anually at $133.32 Canadian). Given that we're selling you the site at an astroundingly low price, we'll use our own PayPal account to process sales up to the full $400 per year Ultimate Writer Website package price. After that, we'll take a staggering 5% of your eBook sales, meaning you keep 95% of every dollar from that point on. On your anniversary date, we start the whole process over again unless, of course, you decide to pay for the full Ultimate Writer Website package

Here's a refresher on what you get.

The complete Ultimate Writer's Website with fully integrated eBook store.
Storage space: 1 GB
Features include discussion forums, blogging, reader feedback, tagging for easy searching, online calendar (to let your readers know where you are going to be), and a whole lot more.
Includes automated nightly backups, same day setup (during regular business hours).
Email accounts: 1, with your choice of four writerly domain addresses (youwordme.com, iwordyou.com, hewordsme.com, and shewordsme.com) hosted on our Zimbra community edition collaboration system with advanced anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities.
FTP access: Yes
On-demand backup: Yes
MySQL database: Yes (1 only, included as part of the site)

This package is billed annually at $133.32 ($11.11 per month) plus applicable taxes.

Note : The "Take A Chance On Me" package will also serve up Google Ads to help Salmar cover the reduced cost of this package.


List price: $133.32


Price: $133.32